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Frequently Asked Question

We understand you may have questions about our PAG system upgrade, and we would like to send you the user manual as below links:
-    User manual for Consumer:

-    User manual for Tour Guide:

-    User manual for Tour Owner:

In addition, please download the upgraded Apps at the following address:
-    Android:

-    iOS:

We apologize for any inconvenience that might be caused by our PAG system upgrade and sincerely thank you for your support and understanding which will assist in making our PAG system upgrade process as smooth as possible.


-     How do I Book A Tour and/or Hire a Tour Guide?

You can click here to book for tours and pay online. 

You can click here to request for guiding services. Below is how it works

-    Select the date & time required, language(s) required, for how number of people, job scope (if you know), your budget (avoid putting sometihing that you yourself will not accept please), meeting place (put TBA if not sure) and  then create a request.

-    Whoever meet your request requirements and available will respond to you and you can go through their profile in your account login before deciding who you want to hire (you can hire multiple guides if for big groups) 

-     Why Do I have to Register an Account to Request for Guide or Book a Tour?

This is a functional web page so we need to protect our members from spammers.  

-     What is the Standard Guide Fee?

There is no standard fee for hiring a Tour Guide. The fees depends on many factors including the guide experience, language spoken, season, things that you need the guide to perform and/or specialization of the Tour Guide. Our system only facitliate the job matching between you and the guide. It is wise to be as precise as possible when you request for a guide services if you have limited budget and only need them for basic duties such as airport transfer and/or seat in coach services which you can indicate in the remarks column easily. 


-     How do I know there is a Job & How To Respond to the Job?

When a consumer sends a request that fits your criteria (language, tour which you are in the pool), you will be notified via Page A Guide Tour Guide App, view the job details and respond to it accordingly. Please ensure you on the Apps notification to ensure you will not miss out any potential jobs. 

-     How do I know if I get the Job?

The job will show up in your appointments tab in your Page A Guide Tour Guide Apps if you are awarded the job.

-     Can I Edit and/or Cancel A Job?

You can edit or cancel a job only if it is not confirmed by consumer. However, you cannot edit or cancel a job if the job has been confirmed. Please email if you need to edit or cancel any confirm job on compassionate and/or medical ground (document proof required) only and please inform as soon as possible to provide Tour Committee enough time to find you a replacement.  

-     What To Do After Completing A Job?

Please open up your Page A Guide Tour Guide Apps under appointment and notify us that the job have been completed. Payout will be given out twice monthly for jobs completed.

-     Do I Get A Fair Chance For Jobs?

Yes, because we notify ALL merchants who fit the job request and everyone has an equal chance to bid for the job. However, please ensure that you update your personal profile since consumer will go to your personal profile and decide who they want to hire. No one will hire a profile without self introduction or photos unless the consumer knows you personally.

-     How Do I Get Paid and What Fees Do Page A Guide Charge?

Risk of delinquent or nonpayment is a common occurrence that tourist guides face. Page A Guide allows STGS Tours to receive payment from consumer first to guard against late or nonpayment. Upon completion of a job, we will alert you to verify the jobs and nett amount (after minusing our fees of 15%) you did last week so you know exactly amount you are expecting to recieve in your e-wallet. You can request for transfer of the funds directly to your bank account between the 11th to 25th of the calendar month will have a payment date on the 2nd day of the next month if rrquired or use the amount in your e-wallet to book tours or PDCs.

-     Who to Contact When I Face Problem with the App?

Please email if you need any support