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  • Licensed Tourist Guides in Singapore undergo formalised training and examination process before they are issued a Tourist Guide licence by the Singapore Tourism Board.
    The training syllabus covers topics on Singapore’s history; social, political, economic: religious, racial, food, shopping. tourist attractions, events. tourism products and many other information Therefore, a licensed Tourist Guide in Singapore is endowed with vast knowledge of Singapore as a destination and what she has to offer, ensuring that tourists to Singapore have a memorable experience and appreciation of this beautiful, multi-racial, peaceful and vibrant city state.
    Tourists to Singapore are encouraged to engage a licensed Tourist Guide to conduct their tours so that they would be provided with correct information and taken care of by these well-trained individuals. Do note that it is an offence in Singapore for any person without a valid Tourist Guide licence to provide tourist guide services.
    Overseas tour operators are strongly encouraged to engage licensed Tourist Guides in Singapore when their groups are in Singapore as they are trained to handle your group as well as provide correct intimation and a memorable experience to your customers.
    Please note that the tourist guide fees and conditions of engagement should be agreed between both parties prior to the commencement of the tour.
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