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Professional Development Course

The Society of Tourist Guides (Singapore) or STGS was started by a group of experienced trainer guides in the year 2003 and has been working closely with Singapore Tourism Board (STB), World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) and other industry partners to promote the professionalism of tourist guides as the Tourism Ambassadors of Singapore.

STGS conceptualised and conducted numerous Professional Development Courses (PDC) in both English and Mandarin to help Tourist Guides refresh and update their product knowledge and guiding skills.

Below list are STB approved PDCs are for licensed tourist guides to attend for renewal of their license and not available for public.

Course Code PDC Course Title Course Language PDC Hours
CRS-N-0035326 Development of Housing in Singapore 华文 7
CRS-N-0035400 Port of Singapore English 华文 7
CRS-N-0035440 Singapore Botanic Gardens: Social & Cultural Landscape English 华文 7
CRS-N-0040325 Beneath the Golden Veil – The Building History Tours of National Gallery Singapore English 华文 7
CRS-N-0040368 Law and Order - The Judiciary System & Border Security of Singapore English 华文 7
CRS-N-0040452 The Geomancy Elements hidden in Singapore Skyscrapers 华文 7
CRS-N-0040757 The Hidden Face of Tiong Bahru English 7
CRS-N-0043053 Guiding Skills in Art Gallery & Museum English 华文 7
CRS-N-0043828 Knowing Our ABC Water Features and NEWater Story 华文 7
CRS-N-0045383 Being Prepared In The Face of Terrorism – A Tourism Perspective English 7
CRS-N-0046233 Telling the Jurong Story to Visitors English 华文 7
CRS-N-0046234 International Sports Events Tourism English 7
CRS-N-0046235 Conducting Battlefield Tours – Northwestern & Southern Route English 华文 7
CRS-N-0047381 Buildings Tell Stories in Singapore English 华文 7
CRS-N-0047589 Telling the Serangoon Road Story to Visitors 华文 7
CRS-N-0047590 Telling the Story of the Hainanese (Chinese) in Singapore English 华文 7
CRS-N-0048418 Telling The Story Of What Goes Into The Designing Of Singapore English 华文 7
CRS-N-0048656 Hawker Culture Passion Make Possible English 华文 7
CRS-N-0050516 Exploring Singapore's Malay Culture English 华文 7
CRS-N-0050517 The Amazing Hakka’s Story of Singapore English 华文 7
CRS-N-0051338 The Story of Sustainable Changi - The Jewel Changi Airport English 华文 7
CRS-N-0053184 Stories Behind Capitol Singapore, CHIJMES and Raffles Hotel English 华文 7
CRS-N-0053406 Personal and Professional Branding English 7

Updated: March 2021

Terms for Funding

  • Trainee MUST achieve at least 75% of the training hours. For 7 PDC, 100% training hours.
  • Trainee MUST pass the assessments
  • Trainee MUST provide their required information in application forms accurately. In the event information provided are incorrect resulting in STGS unable to claim, STGS reserve the rights to pursue the unclaimed amount from the trainee.
  • STGS reserve the right to reject any trainee that refuse to cooperate in providing the necessary documents (if any) for verification purpose.
  • Our PDCs are funded by SSG. Click here for more information about SSG funding for individual.
  • Company sponsored trainee must via company cheque or account & are eligible for absentee payroll. Click here for more information

Refund Policy

  • No refund allowed 7 days prior to course start date
  • We will forfeit amount paid if trainees fail to show up during course date without any valid reason via written email to Do note that taking last-minute job cannot be consider as valid reason since it means depriving another trainee of the opportunity to attend the class.
  • STGS reserved the rights to cancel, postpone or amend the date and time of the PDC delivery.