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大家好,我是林荣华自1988年考获执照,成为一名专业导游,以及在1995年开始成为专业导游的导师。我也是世界导游联盟(WFTGA)的成员。我提供英语与华语的导览服务,包括不同 类型(例如会议,官方领导,家庭,学生,夫妻,个人,老人等)的导览服务 。我的大部分旅客来自中国,中国台湾,中国香港,印度和东南亚。我喜欢我的工作,因为它让我 认识各行各业和不同年龄层的朋友,同时我也借此机会了解不同国家在文化上的差异行进交流。 除了提供导览服务外,我还提供新导游的培训服务 ,也看到 许多毕业的学生们,当上了专业导游,这也让我得到满足感。同时我也不断提升自己,所谓活到老学到老,自2010年以来,我也考获高级培训和评估认证的证书(ACTA),且在2014年,完成了世界导游联盟与新加坡导游协会举办了导游 培训(HOT)和导游培训师的培训(TTT)课程。 此外,作为新加坡导游的一分子,我与其他几位导游培训师 ,于2004年成立了新加坡导游协会,至今已有13个年头 . 我有信心让您有一个不一样的体验,我期待着在新加坡见到您 。 Hi,i am Howard ! I am a licensed, professional tourist guide since 1988 as well as a professional tourist guide trainer since 1995. I am also a member of World Federation Tourist Guide Association (WFTGA). My guiding services are provided in both English and Mandarin, catering to the requirements of different tourist types (e.g. MICE, Family, Couples, Individuals, Elderly etc.). Most of my clientele are from China, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, India and Southeast Asia. I love my job as it allows me to meet people from all walks of life and of different age group. It also facilitates the exchange of the cultural differences. Apart from providing guiding services, i also provide traning services as a tourist guide trainer and have since many of my graduates carrying out the same profession as i am which gives me great satisfaction. I have also been constantly upgrading myself such as Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) since 2010, Hands on Tourist Guide training (HOT) and Train-The-Trainer(TtT) programmes in 2014. In addition, being part of the pioneer batch of tourist guides in Singapore, i together with a few other pioneer tourist guides, set up the Society of Tourist Guides (Singapore) in 2004. I am sure you will not be disappionted with my service and i look forward to meeting you in Singapore.

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  1. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Friendly guide
  2. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Customer said: Well done, thank you.
  3. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Client said: “The tourist guides were really helpful, conducting the tour professionally despite several last minute changes to the programme and start time. The guests all enjoyed the commentary, and were well entertained throughout.”
  4. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Attentive to students.
  5. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Group said: Guide was very friendly and good with the students.
  6. STGS Tour Howard

    well done