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Hi, my name is Rayney. I am a English guide for the last 6 years. I am also a finalists for Singapore Tourism Board for Best Customers Service Award in 2016. Beside the normal tour to Sentosa, City Tour and Heritage Tour for Tourists, Public and Schools, I am also a Maritime and Port Authority appointed guide for their Singapore Maritime Trails 1 & 2, Raffles Lighthouse Tour and Sea Tour. I conduct War Tours for various Travel Agencies to Bukit Chandu, Kranji War Memorial, Former Ford Factory, Pasir Panjang Fort and Changi Chapel & Museum. For Nature Walks, I am a Volunteer guide for Nparks for their Pulau Ubin Wetland & Chek Jawa Tours, Rustic Reflection and Kampong Tour and Malayan Railway Line Tour. Come and enjoy a personalise, informative, educational, colourful Tour with me. Thank you.

My Humble Rating

  1. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Enthusiastic guide
  2. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Interesting walk. Lots of colour.
  3. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Group said: Tour was well organized and very informative.
  4. STGS Tours Wang Jean

    Guide showed up early and despite wet weather delivered tour well.